Setting Up a Bar In a Night Club? Be Prepared?

If you’re going to get a quality bar up and running in a night club that you want to operate then you need to be certain that you’ve got only the best possible plan up and running for when you are trying to run such a space. There are many useful tips that may be used today when it comes to getting your bar ready; these must be used before you can open up your space. 

Watch Your License 

bar-2_miniYou must make sure you apply for an appropriate liquor license before you can even set up your bar. The rules for applying for a liquor license will vary by each state but you must have one if you are going to operate a bar. This is especially the case in states where the sale and distribution of liquor is heavily controlled by the government. 

Check Your Options 

You need to make sure you have more than enough options for your bar. You might think that beer and wine are good enough but you need an extensive variety of such products to cater to all tastes. 

Also, you need to find as many fine liquor options as possible. Whether it be bourbon, vodka, gin or rum among many others, you need to keep the bar stacked so you can cater to whatever desires your clients might have. 

Don’t Forget Non-Alcoholic Options 

You need to get plenty of non-alcoholic choices for designated drivers as well. Energy drinks and bottled water are always good options. You can also get a contract with Coca-Cola or Pepsi to distribute their soft drinks in your establishment. 

Look For Talent 

bar-1_miniThe last thing to do is to find talent that can work at your night club. Look for people who are capable of preparing drinks, interacting with customers well and knowing how to run a register and bar safely so you will have a well-staffed crew. If you can find people who know how to mix all sorts of fine drinks like a cosmopolitan or Long Island iced tea among other options then you will certainly be dealing with a winner in that case. 

It’s one thing to have a bar at a night club that features all the fine alcohol options that you can serve but you need to make sure you focus on every aspect of the bar. Make sure you get the right people and that you are appropriately licensed so you can set up a great night club bar that will be inviting and entertaining to all.

The Dream Of Starting A Night Club

night club-1What are some of the things that you think of as you dream about eventually starting a night club? The chances are pretty good that you will think of entertainment, fun, dancing, friends, laughter, specialty drinks, celebrations and much more. You want to put together an atmosphere that everyone is going to love, with rooms that are filled with great patrons, everyone having a good time and more.

If you are hoping to have a themed night club, you may have even more grandiose ideas when it comes to decor, food options, wait staff and even the types of drinks that you will be serving. However, there is a lot more that will go into starting a night club than some great ideas and day dreaming about the potential. The more that you look into bringing together a plan for a bar or night club, you are going to find that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about the planning process. While people have been and will be gathering for socialization in bars and clubs all over the world for the foreseeable future, there is more and more pressure put on night club owners to make it a safe environment.

night club-2Drinking patterns have changed and not only do you have to worry about your patrons while they are in your establishment, but you will also want to take into consideration the ramifications that can come about if someone were to leave your building intoxicated. There is also going to be a lot of stiff competition that will be out there all trying to be on top in your area. You have to keep in mind that if you keep it fresh and you make sure that your establishment is clean, well staffed and just what everyone is looking for, they will come. You simply have to keep in mind that some bars and night clubs will take a while, a bit of a trial and error period, before you start to see that you will be able to recover all of your initial investments and bring yourself into the black. You have to really want to own and run your own night club and remain passionate about it to be successful. This will mean putting together a team of trustworthy managers and staff that are going to realize the same vision that you have for starting a night club and sticking it out to be on top. If you have a hands off approach to ownership, you are never going to see the level of success that you are hoping for. Get to know your patrons, make them realize that you care about your establishment and you value their patronage. After all, these are the people who are going to not only give you return business but they will also be able to provide you with priceless advertising in the form of word of mouth. With strong goals and a true passion, you are going to have a great adventure in front of you for a new night club.

Night Club Features To Keep In Mind

Whether you’re getting ready to open your own club or preparing to go out for a night of some fun, it’s important to keep in mind the key night club features that exist to maximize fun, safety, and a good reputation among party goers and other business insiders alike.

An Open Dance floor And DJ

dance floorOne of the biggest standouts of a good night club is how big its dance floor is. Of course, a dance floor doesn’t mean anything is the DJ isn’t any good either. You need someone who knows the trends of today and the trends of the people who usually come through your door. If your place is aimed at the younger crowd, they may want a DJ who knows what the top 40 hits are at any given time and how to mix them together well.

A Large Well-Stocked Bar

A night club isn’t fun for most party-goers unless they are able to get their drink on. Having a wide selection of drinks means that you are a lot more like to keep people in your club and not send them elsewhere to get what they want. You can’t just have beer and the regular spirits either. Hire trained professionals to work the bar, who know how to charm, put on a show, and give the guest what they want quickly and efficiently. Even when you get swamped with people you need to know your bar crew can handle it and not buckle under the pressure.


night club securityYou’ve got dancing and drinking, which means you may have some problems. People get into fights, especially when alcohol is involved. Get well-trained security on your side before you even open your doors for the first time. Not only do you need people to make sure everyone is behaving and to handle any problems that arise, but you also need trusted individuals to keep track of who is coming and going as well. Make sure your entry staff always check the IDs of your potential guests. If you let people in on only one cover charge, switch out the stamps you use every night so you don’t get people sneaking in. This is both for the benefit of your club and your other guests.

Different Themes Every Night

One of the best night club features you can have is keeping your regulars guessing. Throw up some different themes to entice people to not only check you out once, but to return more than once as well. This means getting in live acts, different kinds of entertainment, and even encouraging people to dress up for themes, such as 80’s night or Halloween. The more you can keep the fun going and changing, the more likely you are to establish a list of regulars who will not only patron your place all the time, but spread the word about you as well. Our key night club features are meant to both help you succeed and find your next place to party. Have fun out there, and remember to be safe.

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